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Pleated blinds



Compared to other internal shades, pleated shades are currently the most popular and fashionable shades. Their popularity has increased due to their practicality, simple handling and easy maintenance. As well as due to their long service life by using quality materials.


They are recognisable by their zigzag fabric, which is folded similar to an accordion. It is this folding which allows them to be adjusted to any window form. Special folding (pleating) technology allows a stable form of the fabric, even at high temperatures.


A pleated shade can be installed in any room at home, in an office, in classrooms, in sunrooms, motorhomes, instead of doors on cabinets, as a barrier and many more.


The base of each plissé is a fabric from polyester fibres with an anti-dust impregnation. Depending on its purpose, the fabric can be further treated or impregnated.


Regarding our needs and a correctly selected fabric, a pleated blind can be used to achieve:

  • thermal insulation,
  • dimming,
  • protection against views from the outside,
  • a decorative element in the room

As the dust does not cling to the pleated blinds due to the anti-dust coatings on fabrics, these shades are suitable for allergy sufferers.


Other materials from which a pleated blind consists of are aluminium profiles in white or dark brown colour, a nylon cord with a core in the centre, which is connected to the springs, thus providing more strength and durability. The components of each pleated shade are also plastic parts with added glass in order not to get worn out at larger loads.


Materials are tested and verified at various European and global institutes and meet high quality standards.


What makes pleated shades the right choice?, practicality, easy maintenance, long service life, contemporary design,suitability for people with allergies, Send an enquiry.


Mounting pleated shades is very simple.


In most cases, the plissé is attached to the window moulding next to the glass. This way, they take up very little space.


Pleated shades are the only shades that can be attached to the bottom edge of a window and can be operated from the bottom up.


Of course, they can be also mounted on the ceiling or the wall in front of the window. In such cases, they are usually hanging freely and can be adjusted by a pull cord on one side.




Maintenance of pleated curtains




Since the fabric is antistatic, the dust does not cling on it and the dirt remains on the surface. Sometimes, it is sufficient to wipe the stain with a damp cloth. However, if the stain is more tenacious, the shade can be easily removed from the mounting brackets and washed in a water bath. (Picture)

Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’
Pleated blinds and shades ‘Decorus’